Like the Kidney Bean Chia Burger some time agoI already tried vegan Black Bean Burgers with avocado. For this I mixed black beans with wholemeal rice, a few oatmeal, breadcrumbs and a grated carrot and of course seasoned well. The onions and the garlic I gave to the mass, I have previously sweated in a pan something. The Black Bean Patty, together with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and avocado, landed on a wholemeal roll, which I had previously coated with some chili and paprika sauce byodo. BBQ sauce or ketchup, however, tastes just as good. For the beans, I just used black canned beans because it took me too long to soak and cook dried black beans, such as those available at the organic market. We always buy the black beans in Asia shop, where you can get spices and the like very cheap. Alternatively, the recipe works well with kidney beans if you can not find black beans right now. The mass yields three large or four smaller patties.

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