Top 5 Ways To Staying Motivated During Teen Weight Loss Journey

It’s a Teen Weight loss journey and you try to loss weight you have to stay motivated. so we will gather the top 5 ways to stay Motivate during this journey.

You need something to keep you going: Motivation! One can do wonders if properly motivated! Let’s look at how to stay motivated during your weight loss journey!

5. Reward yourself even when only half way through

Break your goals down into parts and reward yourself for reaching each milestone. Sometimes reaching a goal can take months or even years.

so there is always a risk of giving up midway. Instead of waiting to touch the finish line and then celebrating your victory, isn’t it a better idea to plan something special for yourself once you have reached halfway or a quarter of the way? You can plan a trip to the spa to pamper yourself. Rewarding yourself will give you the strength to tread through difficult patches in the journey!

4. Focus on how you feel

Focusing on the weighing scale constantly can be mighty frustrating and can zap your confidence.

The best time to think about your weight loss plan is after a healthy meal or an intense workout. Pay close attention to how you feel after such activities. When you concentrate on how good you felt after exercising, you will see the benefits of burning calories and your motivation levels are also boosted.

3. Stay away from pics of skinny supermodels

While it may seem a very good way of visual motivation, pinning up pictures of super skinny super models will in fact hurt your progress.

A recent study on women who wanted to lose weight concludes. The women who wanted to lose weight were split into groups. Group 1 was provided a journal with photos of skinny models while group 2 was given a journal with a neutral logo . The women from Group 2 lost weight successfully and ironically the group with the photos of skinny models actually ended up gaining weight. Scientists attribute this phenomenon to various aspects. They conclude that pics of skinny models made the women create unrealistic standards for themselves, which discouraged them. Looking at images of skinny women every time they entered food intake made them feel that they would never look like the models, and they gave up trying. So, stop comparing yourself to models! Instead consider using images of you at your healthiest weight or try using before and after pics of


2. Question yourself

 For a healthy dose of inspiration, consider taking up this healthy habit quiz.

Boost your motivation by answering some straightforward yet searching questions. They will help remind you why you started dieting in the first place.

Q1: If I happen to stop my diet, how will I look in 6 months from today?
Q2: If I happen to stop my diet, how will I feel in 6 months from today?
Q3: If I stop dieting, how will my health be?
Q4: If I stop dieting, how will it affect my friends and family ?

1. Don’t try too hard

Your fuel tank needn’t be full to drive your car.

Similarly, your motivation tank need not be full either. All you need to do is ensure that it doesn’t get empty. Experts say that people need not waste their precious time and energy for staying highly motivated. A drop in motivation is not a signal of failure. So, don’t try too hard to be brimming with motivation.

When you notice that you are losing motivation, give yourself a break from your exercise and diet plan for a day or two. Allow motivation to run its natural course; you will find yourself back on track soon.

Hope this post has been useful!