Michigan father is being hailed as a hero for his attempts to attack Dr. Larry Nassar in court. Randall Margraves lunged at Nassar during the doctor’s sentencing hearing on February 2. Margraves is the father of three girls who say they were molested by Nassar, who is the former team physician for USA Gymnastics. Margraves yelled, “Let me have that son of a bitch. Give me one minute with that bastard,” as he was tackled by court security officers.

Just prior to the attempted attack, Margraves’ daughter, Lauren, told the court that about her experiences with Nassar, saying the doctor molested her when she was 13. Lauren also spoke about her parents, saying, “I see the look on their faces and I know they want to do something and they can’t… My entire family has gone through hell and back these last few months.”

Following her statement, Randall Margraves took an opportunity to speak, saying, “I would ask you to as part of this sentencing to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon.” When that was refused, Margraves asked for one minute, again that was refused. That’s when Margraves attempted to take matters into his own hands, attempting to get to the doctor. Court officers acted quickly and took down Margraves, telling him to “Relax.” As he was led out of court, Margraves yelled, “What if this happened to you guys?”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s Not Clear if Margraves Will Face Any Charges:

Technically, Margraves could face jail time and a fine for the outburst, although Eaton County Judge Janice Cunningham made it clear that she had no intention of enforcing punishment. After Margraves was ejected from the courtroom, prosecutor Angela Povilatitis told the other victims in court, “No one can behave like this. This is letting him have power over us.” WDIV’s Nick Monacelli reports that Margraves may still face criminal assault charges from the Eaton County prosecutor.

Judge Cunningham said after things settled down, “Obviously what just occurred in the courtroom was scary and caused a level of discomfort for all of you. My heart started beating fast and my legs felt shaky because of that quick eruption of violence. I recognize that Mr. Margraves had three daughters that he has had to watch go through the pain and the hurt. If it is hard and difficult for me to hear what his daughters had to say, I can’t imagine what it is like for him.”