Ever need to jot down a note while talking on the phone but can’t find paper or a pencil? What about those shopping or “honey do” lists? Here’s a creative way to transform a dull kitchen wall into a neighborhood talking point.

7Size Up the Project

Walk into the kitchen or mudroom, stand back and look around. Can the crooked picture hanging next to the window be taken down? How about transforming the space next to the refrigerator? Create a mental picture of what it would look like if that wall was converted into a writing pad. Ask if that location would be a convenient place to transcribe the weekend to-do list. Would large wall-posted phone numbers be easily read from anywhere in the kitchen? If the kids were being creative artists on the wall, would their presence hinder traffic flow? Are there any appliances that would have to be jockeyed around? Would a black chalkboard fit the kitchen color scheme or would green work best? Answering these questions will help visualize the wall being used even before it is repainted.