Hello Lovely Friends!! Originally this blog post was a giveaway for a local flea market. An image of my unfinished Gallery Wall Idea got pinned from the post, and it went viral! TONS of emails later I am listening to what you are wanting! I have turned this blog post into and informative post on my Entryway Gallery Walls! I’m sharing with you how to Create each Gallery Wall Idea, where to Purchase the same items or similar ones, and Prints to help you create a similar look. You will also find Entryway table and storage ideas in the post!

I constantly am asked what method I used to create this Gallery Wall Idea?!?!? MY ANSWER …. Just start hanging! I have tried many methods out there for gallery walls, and the way I did this one has been the easiest. I started purchasing the products I wanted for the wall months before we were finished building our house (keeping all receipts so I could return what didn’t work).


-Start with your middle object (I started with the wooden Hello word), then work your way around that object.
-Lay the items out on the ground and rearrange until you like the finished look. Don’t feel like you have to use everything you purchased. If something doesn’t look right then don’t force it. It is also okay to make a few store runs to find more items you feel you are “missing”.
-Measure the distance from the middle object to the bottom of the gallery wall design. Use that measurement to measure from where you want the bottom of your Gallery Wall Idea to sit on the wall and go up to where your middle object needs to be hung.
-Hang your middle object and then slowly work your way out, up, and down with your other objects.

If you want a place for guest to hang their coats, put their shoes, and set their purses; then you can work that into your Entryway Gallery Wall design. The basket is for shoes. The bench is great for sitting to take shoes off and on or for placing purses!

You can use standard table frames and remove the kick stand from the back. Most of my 5×7 frames were designed to be standard table frames and I ripped off the kick stand.