While there are plenty of farmhouse decor ideas that you can simply get from the stores, making your own will save you so much money and make sure it’s perfect for your home. Seriously, there are always plenty of decor ideas that are inspired by the Fixer Upper series that you can easily do in the comfort of your home. These are rustic, cozy, and functional decorations that’ll make a a great addition to your home.

And having said that, I’ve created a list of some DIY projects that’ll help you achieve the farmhouse look without spending too much time and money. They don’t require crafting skills at all, have great results, and will make your home look great. So check them out and let me know what you think!

DIY Chalkboard Menu

Instead of keeping your reminders on the fridge door, try out this DIY project and keep your notes organized easily. All you have to do is stencil a blackboard with white chalk and make it look rustic. Hang on your wall and you’ll have a cute piece that’ll help you stay organized and on track for meals.

Chicken Wire Photo Display

A chicken wire photo frame is such a simple DIY project. You’ll just need to attach the wire to the frame, secure, and you’ll have a unique way to showcase your family pictures.  It’s a fun and creative way to hang up pictures!

Custom Tea Towels

You can easily turn your favorite grandmother’s handwritten recipe into a printed tea towel project by simply taking pictures of it, a little bit of photoshop, and transfering the prints onto your towel. In a few minutes, you’ll have cute custom tea towels.

Round Jute Placemat

Who would have thought that a simple jute and hot glue would be all you needed for this project?  You just need to make a firmly pressed coil shape using some jute and secure nice and tight using hot glue. This rustic texture placemat will make your table look great.

Farmhouse Light Chicken Wire

Pendant lights are super trendy nowadays. So why not create a farmhouse inspired light that will really stand out? You’ll only need chicken wire, embroidery hoop, and a copper spray paint for color.

Hanging Wire Basket

You can easily find a lot of wire baskets at the dollar store that come in different sizes and designs. So try getting a bunch of wire baskets and turn them into hanging baskets for your plants.  They’ll look super cute, be functional, and save space.

Farmhouse Galvanized Buckets

A galvanized bucket is such a great way to decorate your home with the farmhouse look. And to freshen them up, you can use it as a planter, centerpiece, or storage for your cooking utensils.