We all know what the role of media is and how the media actually works in our daily routines. What manipulation techniques it uses to transform a boring or regular incident into a hot and crisp headline. Here are 10 best examples and strategies to prove that how newsmakers can manipulate anything even a small regular incident too!!

1) They create a diversion

They actually create a diversion just to misguide local people from the actual facts and figures to some funny pictures or other entertaining source.

2) Exaggerate a problem

Exaggerating a basic incident is the oldest habit of these newsmakers. For instance, In 2016, NASA published an article stating that if astrology were scientific, the zodiac signs would change their positions. For example, Virgo would become Leo. Cosmopolitan presented this as a scientific discovery and claimed that 80% of people would have to change their zodiac sign. The article spread so fast that NASA had to publish a retraction.

3) Gradual Study

In order to create awareness and maintain the connection with latest updates this media plays an important role by publishing several articles on various topics for the readers so that by reading them they can update themselves by enhancing their knowledge.